Sunday, August 23, 2020

These Difficult Months

American patriots everywhere have been going through one of the worst eras in American history over these past 6 months.  But we've got to remember...

America is the most extraordinary place on earth. I never realized it as much as when I went on a Deep South Rock & Roll blues tour last year... and the various road trips I've taken since then. It makes you feel so lucky to be alive in the land of the free... when you see her for all her glorious beauty. Take some time to explore this great country of ours. Talk to people... strangers for just a moment soon to be friends for life... Americans. #proudamerican

My art and music always keep me going...

A truly great read for musicians, songwriters, historians and Americans who love this country. 

Doc Pomus was one of my favourite songwriters growing up... and oddly, his brother, the famous lawyer in Manhattan was my client for a while in 2007! The Genius of Doc Pomus

One of the greatest progressive rock songs ever - watch the lead singer (whose voice is phenomenal) switching from vocals to keyboards to bongos! Carry on My Wayward Son - Kansas

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