Saturday, October 22, 2016


I wrote this song on John Lennon's birthday back in 1986!  This is a new updated recording.


I don’t believe any more than anyone.
I can’t believe what’s been going on.
I can’t explain my believing to you.
Those excuses are nothing new.

It’s not an easy time to live right.
You’ve been blind, now possess insight.
Understand what I believe to be true.
Revelations don’t come out of the blue.

Black is darkest and white is bright,
but the world is really not so right.
In the context of day and night,
it’s the darkest before the light.

Revelations come to me.
Open my eyes so I can see.
Let the truth come clear to me.
It’s a promise that will come to be.
Revelations in my face
no cloud-like vagueness or empty space.
Reality close in on my time.
(It) gives me the start to my uphill climb.

I am seeing a clearer me.
I have seen the brightest light.
Faith that lives inside is deep -
a purer vision; the highest height.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Alone Under Sky

Here is Sandy's new single - "Alone Under Sky" - listen here.  Below are the lyrics:

Alone Under Sky

Birth, for the first time…
The deeper life is grave.
And then something comes I don’t expect…
When suddenly I know… I’m not alone under sky.

Hiding behind a night,
each birth brings us closer to the sweet release.
It’s an unseen God.
It’s a limitless love.
And the kingdoms come and they run from the gun.
They can’t see.
It can’t be.

What slumbers in our souls?

Arousals are the signals.
And in the roar of thunder
a discovery is made.
We are at the centre of a great new world!
Never alone. Never unborne.
Always alone
Never alone. Never unborne.
Always alone
beneath a cruel, cruel sky.