Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Was a Guinea Pig for Technology

I just had to post this link so I wouldn't forget it. So much of our culture's technology is being outmoded. I've had this discussion with my mother many times recently because she still relies on cassette tapes for her business. The other day we went to Radio Shack to buy some tapes for her and they told her they were discontinuing them.

My demographic has been used as guinea pigs for all the technology and formats that have come and gone over the past 30 years... and I kind of resent it. I had a PC (remember THAT term) in the '80s when you could first buy one for home use and have made a living on my computer ever since. But switching from records to cassettes to CDs (I traded hundreds of my cassettes for just a handful of DVDs to Mr. Cheapo years ago) and DVDs and now this Blue-Ray format... Not to mention all the computers, various types of discs (remember "floppy"?), weird programs that drove us insane, DOS and all those keywords... It's a wonder I haven't been committed to a technology insane asylum!

Don't get me wrong... I'm grateful for technology. But it's been quite a rollercoaster ride, not to mention all the money that we spent. I still have my first digital camera and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. And just for the record... I REFUSE TO SWITCH TO BLUE-RAY!!! I'm keeping my DVDs! But we do have HD TVs now... and I never go anywhere without my digital camera. But I really do hate cell phones. If I didn't HAVE to have one, I'd toss it off a cliff!

ADDENDUM: Well, here it is only Oct. 5, 2009 and already technology has proven my point... the link at the top is already expired!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pat Benatar in Westbury, NY

Pat Benatar and her husband and lead guitarist, Neil Giraldo, played the Capital One Theatre in Westbury, NY tonight to an enthusiastic, adoring crowd and standing ovations. Still in top form on their 30th wedding anniversary, Pat and Neil rocked the house with great old favourites such as "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Hell is For Children," and an encore of the timeless "Promises in the Dark." Her voice gorgeous as ever, looking simply adorable all dressed in black with leggings and high boots... she appeared to have discovered the fountain of youth; and "Spyder" Neil with his muscle shirt, tattoos and endless array of guitars... tossing guitar picks at the crowd were refreshing to hear after all these years. No pretentions... Pat still looking longingly at her husband as he wailed on his 13 guitars - some of the greatest rock and roll guitar riffs of all time... "We Live for Love," a highlight of the evening - illustrating one of the most successful rock and roll couples of all time.