Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Silence is the Healer

Silence is the Healer is a long time coming.... dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth Baron, who thought it was a very special song and on her death bed asked me to record it.... Here it is in her honor - listen here.

These are the lyrics:

Silence is the Healer

I am the ghost, the ghost of war
and I can feel the pain no more
and now I observe, I haven’t a prey.
I’m just shadowing the lives
standing in my way.

We sent our troops in harm’s way.
Few will live to fight another day.
I was a ravaged angel in the storm
and now I’m home, safe and warm.

Silence is the healer…
to inspire the better angels of our nature.
With these gifts, the harm’s in us.
Yet prayer can overcome.
Let the doors they open open doors for you.

Out of nothing
I’ll always rise above it all
and traffic in souls that reinvent time.
I am the daughter of the gods
and I know where I stand.
I harbour no remorse, no bloodlet
on my hand—

The wounds lie deep, but tomorrow renews
and with that promise, we can’t lose.