Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Great Joys

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The Great Joys
[a journey through past, present, future]
rushes from inside and I’m feeling so alive
to experience the joys in the Land of Memory.
So take me to the Kingdom of the Future
where in the rose-awakening
my water’s smile is amber dew
and blue of dawn can’t break
the harmony of the whole.
I’ll carry all that’s wanted
to give new light
to the dimmest eyes so they can see
on the inside.
Mystic drama moves within
as I want eternal present.
And the evil that devours me
is the fruit of my own choice.
And when my intuition fails,
I ignored that still small voice.
Let the heavens weep -
and the stars will rain -
to heal and cleanse -
my deepest pain.
I’ll catch the rein
of truth and ride away.
Escape me to the shadows of my inner world
where I’ve lost my laughter behind silent doors,
and cried such sorrow;
endlessly I paced the floors.
To poison all these joys
and destroy my own inner child
is the crime I can’t forgive… oh no!
In the great beyond
is an unknown guest
who hides such secrets in treasure chests
where I should find locked inside
the hidden riches of the soul
just waiting for me
to bring them to the light -
These Great Joys – RUSH – in me!