Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elaine's Memorabilia Sold

I was always nostalgic about Elaine's, even if my bubble was burst by the proprietor herself.  Once I even photographed the entire mural, which wrapped around the walls of the relatively small space.  Now, it's all up for sale.  I wonder if they ever found the CD I left on the shelf in her collection of memorabilia.

Table No. 1 from the famed New York City restaurant Elaine's has sold for almost $9,000 at auction. An eclectic collection of art and memorabilia from the watering hole on Manhattan's Upper East Side went on the auction block Tuesday at Doyle New York. The restaurant, a longtime favorite of writers and celebrities, shut its doors in May following the death of owner Elaine Kaufman.

Table No. 1 was the most desirable table in the house, where patrons sat to see and be seen. The auction sales totaled $385,000, including a papier-mache carousel horse that hung in the restaurant's window and fetched $4,000. The old-fashioned cash register went for the same amount. Pieces from Kaufman's collection of fine art and vintage Art Nouveau posters also went for big bucks.