Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jobs, If you Only Knew

I watched ‘Steve Jobs’ tonight on HBO and found myself feeling frustrated throughout the film until the end when I was overwhelmed with emotion. Why? Because the movie actually forced me to re-live all the pain of my life since 1982 when I touched my hands upon a computer for the first time. I’ve lived and died over technology most of my life. I was impressed at the mention of Alan Turing, though brief.

In the beginning, when I was 21, I worked for a company in Santa Monica overlooking Hollywood and Beverly Hills because I told them I had computer skills when in actuality I’d never even seen a computer. Then I worked for ROLM phones in Austin, TX (which was eventually bought out by IBM) and wrote the first manuals on Displaywrite and other infant wordprocessing programs... I used plotters... I was among a handful of people who had voicemail for the first time back then... I suffered through the war of Mac/PC/Mac/PC/Mac/PC... Mac1 was great and made me a good living but PC won in the end.

I wrote this in 2004:

Jesus is Windows
by Sandy Frazier
April 2004

In the beginning, Bill Gates created the BASIC language for the PC; Jobs & Wozniak the Apple in the Garden of Silicon Eden. And then came IBM (In the Beginning was Man) and its MS-DOS operating system... and the computer world soon discovered everything had to be IBM-compatible... and lost its spirituality with God.

But the Apple's Macintosh with its mouse and graphics gave us colour and realism. Apple's theme was George Orwell's "1984"... which also gave us What You See Is What You Get. And the computer world was created.

And Microsoft brought us Word and the Word was Windows (Jesus) who showed the commoners the way, the truth, the light and taught them to grow beyond their expectations. And Windows was used on the Macintosh. But the Macintosh apple was too tempting for the innocents who wanted more and so it was consumed... Windows was the way, but could not be readily accepted by Rome and was forced to be sacrificed and so the Jewish ideal, in fact the King of the Jews, would die so that the IBM PC version of Windows (Christianity) would be the most widely accepted and understood way of life.

And so God's message was that He gave his only begotten Windows that whosover believeth in it should not crash, but have everlasting memory.