Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Windows of My Soul" Hits the Net!

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25 Years of Original Poetry, Song Lyrics & Art
Lyrics from Sandy's record, "Resurrection"

...and songs from "Painting Music"

Monday, September 9, 2013

Digitizing the Creative Heritage of Tolstoy

On Sept. 9, on Leo Tolstoy’s 185th birthday, the web portal was launched, offering details about the life and works of the great Russian writer. This was done concurrently with the opening of the Tolstoy State Museum and the Yasnaya Polyana Museum-Estate.

For the first time, the web portal will present an electronic version of the 90-volume collection of Tolstoy’s writings.

The work to digitize the author’s writings was organized by the crowdsourcing project entitled “All Tolstoy in a Single Click.” This project was launched in June 2013, in cooperation with the Russian company ABBYY. [more...]

Long Lost Van Gogh Found

The Van Gogh Museum says it has identified a long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting that spent years in a Norwegian attic because it was thought not to be authentic. It is the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928.

"Sunset at Montmajour" depicts a dry landscape of oak trees, bushes and sky, painted with Van Gogh's familiar thick brush strokes. It can be dated to the exact day it was painted because Vincent described it in a letter to his brother, Theo, and said he painted it the previous day — July 4, 1888. [more...]