Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Fragile Men

This is an old song... I wrote it so long ago and include it on my current record in dedication to my mother who loved it and always asked me to play it for her.  Listen live on SoundCloud.

The Fragile Men

The fragile men I know, I love with all my heart.
They hate like hell to admit when I am just as smart.
Their fragile hearts can break as easily as I do
and break at every chance they get when not admitting to.

The faults they have are like mine, though equal we are not.
When we fight I understand his strength is what I want.
We eat, we drink, we play together every day.
He stays the same as I grow fat when doing things his way.

The fragile men are greater as vegetarians.
When they can’t put away the drink, they seem less masculine.
Well, that’s the way society goes, and that’s the way they see…
a man is only strong and brave when he is not like she.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blue Memories

Blue Memories is a song I wrote about my memories of Miami Beach as a youth.  I always wanted to be able to sing it even though it's not really in my range.  Thanks to my wonderful engineer and producer, I was finally able to record this song the way I'd always wanted to.

Listen live on Soundcloud.

Here are the lyrics:

In turquoise, aqua blue, I’m free — swimming in a crystal sea.
It is a replenishment — cold, refreshing, innocent.
Splashing in a sparkling pool, the stinging of my eyes is cruel
Yet underwater I can see long past my eternity.

I closed my eyes to a blood red light.
I lay in sand and dreamt of night,
the summer sun, the cocoa scent and the waters’ refreshment.

Splashing in the mist-filled skies,
the stinging of my salt-filled eyes;
my days of youth on the beach
are too far away to reach.

But when I breathe the cobalt skies,
when I gaze in sapphire eyes
and the jade aquamarine
turns to royal or blue-green.

Cerulean waters, phthalo deep are the memories I keep.
Hidden in the midnight blues are the secret underlying clues.

I love blue –

And now I have released the pain –
bleating in the pouring rain.
The doors’ flung open to a dazzling light;
the shock erupted from inside.

Splashing in a sparkling pool,
the stinging of my eyes is cruel
Yet underwater I can see
long past my eternity.

I love blue –

Saturday, October 10, 2015

John Lennon 75

I attended the opening champagne reception of The Art of John Lennon in Soho last night on what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday at the AFA Gallery on Greene Street. It was the perfect Manhattan evening and great to hear all the old John Lennon and Beatles' songs while viewing many of the pictures I'd seen many years ago again.

Thanks for the memories, John!