Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rediscovering Charleston, SC

I've had a long history with Charleston, SC.  My Aunt Susan says our ancestors immigrated here first. My mother, Elizabeth Baron, came here in the early '80s and made it her home where she gained a huge following as a medium on television and radio.  She embraced Charleston completely - as an artist, she painted the lighthouses, the famous Atlantic House (her prints still hang in many of the establishments on Folly Beach and Charleston), the basket weavers, and her children and grandchildren running on the beach. She was a colorful fixture on the scene where she was involved in ghost tours, working with the police on missing persons cases, and exploring the haunted plantations.

I lived on the outlying islands from '88 thru '91 when I moved to New York. I've lived in New York ever since, but always returned to Charleston to visit my family and friends. However, I neglected to explore downtown Charleston all those times in the past... until now.  Here are some of my photographs... a picture tells a thousand stories! [Go here to see my Charleston pictures.]