Monday, November 24, 2008

AMAs: Slick Bods, Great Hair, No Talent

I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who was disappointed watching the American Music Awards. Here's a blog that pretty much says it all.

Over the past year or two, I rarely even bother to watch these music awards shows any more because they're so annoying and disappointing. Last night I noticed a lot of slick bodies, great hair and makeup, but mostly mediocre talent - or lack thereof. The songs are forgettable; and when they're not lip-synching, they're off key; it's just plain boring and uninspiring. It just seems to be all about fashion, dancing and stripper poles.

From the whiney Rihanna singing, to the tribal dancing Beyonce, to those no-talent Pussy Cat women doing stripper routines with their ass cheeks hanging out... I was annoyed the entire time (I couldn't stomach the whole show). And how about those Jonas kids and their whiney whimpery out-of-tune singing? Too bad these 21st century Beatle wannabes didn't sound as good as they looked. But the biggest disappointment for me was Annie Lennox live - she's such a brilliant singer! What happened to her voice??

I didn't have to watch Miley Cyrus to know what she'd do - she's always the same: annoying. She needs to go to school and learn a few skills and hone her minimal talent. And what was with that eye patch on Rihanna? I was hoping they'd take it off halfway through the song and they did... that was the highlight of her performance. I thought that Natasha was good, but her hair was really irritating to watch with the wind machines blowing it in her face.

All in all, it was totally forgettable and disappointing. No great songs. No great artists to remember.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Historic Day for America... and a Special Thanks to Our President

I want to join others in offering heartfelt congratulations to Barack Obama on his incredible victory and may God bless him and lead him to help our country overcome its hardships, to face the monstrous challenges that lie ahead. The big thing that is so important in my mind is that Americans divided by race may now have the chance to once and for all heal the wounds of our tainted history... now we can all stand together as American citizens without thought of race. At last, equality is not just a dream, but a reality!

By the same token, I wanted to let President George W. Bush know how much I appreciate all his hard work, discipline and determination. So here's my letter to him:

Thank you, Mr. President, for keeping us safe and sound since 9/11. I am so sorry you've had to suffer such terrible criticism... but I, for one, have enormous respect for and appreciate you and ever since the day I had the privilege to shake your hand at the Talker Magazine convention in NYC right before you ran for President, I have admired you greatly. You looked into my eyes, gave my hand a firm shake, and I knew right then that you were a decent, courageous man and you have not failed me yet! You and Laura brought dignity and class back to the White House... you both will always hold a special place in my heart because you inspired me to vote for the first time in my adult life. --Your American citizen, SF