Monday, October 10, 2016

Alone Under Sky

Here is Sandy's new single - "Alone Under Sky" - listen here.  Below are the lyrics:

Alone Under Sky

Birth, for the first time…
The deeper life is grave.
And then something comes I don’t expect…
When suddenly I know… I’m not alone under sky.

Hiding behind a night,
each birth brings us closer to the sweet release.
It’s an unseen God.
It’s a limitless love.
And the kingdoms come and they run from the gun.
They can’t see.
It can’t be.

What slumbers in our souls?

Arousals are the signals.
And in the roar of thunder
a discovery is made.
We are at the centre of a great new world!
Never alone. Never unborne.
Always alone
Never alone. Never unborne.
Always alone
beneath a cruel, cruel sky.

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