Thursday, April 9, 2020


I dedicate this song to my late brother, John Frazier.  He inspired this song which took me a long time to record this past year. Go here to listen.  Lyrics are below:

[Dedicated to Johnny]

A. I.  A. I. is supernatural
Supersonic, fashionable
Transformation--- to divine
And the robot has a mind!

            Shapeshift! Adrift!
            on an astral magic ship
            inside--- outside--- to the future
            and the moon intensifies... intensifies---

Dreamscapes in the atmosphere
Navigation in the black
Flows smooth--- in the groove
We are all on the attack!

            Shapeshift! Airlift!
            the Concord crashes to the earth
            hey, hey, anime, midnight hero
            and the trails reset to zero... and then link.  ooohhh---

Ride the storm--- if you dare
exploding on horizons' flare
Night Flight--- in its shifting glare
sinks to dusk - a distant stare.    ooooohhhhhh---

Hurray! Anime! Superhero!
And the trails reset to zero.

Supersonic trailblazer
Supersonic stargazer
yeah-- yeah-- yeah-- yeah--

I am out of this world and into a new dimension
Airless grooves--- mindless moves---
Airless grooves--- mind-numbing moves---
A. I.

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