Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Times Square

Sandy's new single is out!  Listen here.


Neon lights in the evening sky
I have arrived and I feel so high.
(I am not lost) I know I'll never die...
and soon enough we'll all know why.

I'm going to Times Square.
Thousands of people everywhere.
Won't you meet me there?

I am tossed by every gust of wind.
Every life I've lived, I have sinned.
In a New York minute, there is time
to find the rhythm and the rhyme.

Fallen angels in my soul
singing mystic rock & roll
Oh, those artists are so rare
And they all live in Times Square.

            In New York, it's a brand new day.
            I'll never fall or run away.
            I'm so alive, and I've got hell to pay
            and the One to light my way--

In my dreams, time heals all
and the fallen go on standing tall
as if the pain had no past
and we are all free at last.

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