Wednesday, February 27, 2019

No Time to Cry

"No Time to Cry" is a song I wrote many years ago... I'm so excited to have been able to record it the way I originally heard it in my mind.  This is dedicated to my mother, Elizabeth Baron, who contributed some of the lyrics.  She wanted her life story and documentary to be called "No Time to Cry," which was how she lived her life. 

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No Time to Cry

My home is the universe, my family all mankind.
My mission is the search for truth;
the light has filled my mind.
Wealth cannot be measured, now, by things
the eyes can only see.

We must believe a new reality.
Wounds will heal, there’s no time to cry.
Though troubles do arise, you’ll see
blessings in disguise.

No time to cry
No time to cry

Body, mind and spirit balance in the end.
We’re living in such darkness,
but truth can heal and mend.
Rage and hate descend and die
so love can heal the hurting heart.

Once there was a time we thought we’d nothing left to give.
But now we are aware there’s no time to cry,
no time to die,
no time but to live.

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