Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Living in the Afterlife

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Living in the Afterlife

[the Unknown Host (intuition) talks to the eternal voices]

Knowing the unknown

I cannot reveal the Unknown Host.
My mind is just a passing ghost.

Living on the long-forbidden path,

feeling the emotion of the aftermath,
intuitions flow and impulse knows
long-forgotten memories—

Deeper layers shed - lower down, lower down.

But I believe in a world beyond.
Part of me is living in the afterlife.

We are prisoners of infinity

where nothing is lost and nothing ever dies.
We must satisfy the justices.
Our own verdicts/virtues we decide.

Let the mind break confines

to experience the new and roam free.
The search for the unknown must go on.

Awakened intuition is a powerful force.

We understand by delving in the depths.
Search the silent night of who we are.
And the inward journey through a
World of Chance can’t be imagined.
The messengers are living in the afterlife.

In the invisible sky real birds fly.

They are on their way to a sweeter destiny.
Now I feel I’m breathing in the afterlife….

My mind is just a passing ghost.

My mind is just a ghost.

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