Saturday, October 7, 2017

Steel in My Soul

My latest recording...  "Steel in My Soul" is my ode to the struggle between my Christ and Hitler.  John Lennon once said, "We're all Christ and we're all Hitler; we want Christ to win."  The God in me fights the devil.  Written 24 years ago, having the chance to record it properly with great musicians and my wonderful producer is such a privilege.  Music is the greatest expression of my soul and I wrote back then that "Passion and truth is all we need... God is the greatest dramatist... that I resist the better angel and I am a bitter stranger... that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  And then it ends with Paul Williams's great line from "Phantom of the Paradise," which says it all.

Steel in My Soul

There is laughter in the air; there’s a voice on the wing.
God’s the greatest dramatist in everything–
Resist the better angel, ’cause it’s a bitter stranger.
What doesn’t kill you keeps you out of danger.

Saints alive! Saints alive!
In the hidden heart.

I don’t know where I come from,
Don’t know where I’ve been.
But I’ve got steel in my soul.
Ain’t no luck in the air….
I know all that I need is passion and truth.
Give me back my youth
and I’ll give it to you.

Running like mad in the waking dream,
(I) can’t get back to the living connection.
I can’t find shelter for my own protection.

I’ve got steel in my soul, steel in my soul, steel in my soul –Ain’t stealin’ my soul.

Won’t make the Faustian bargain, gotta retract the deal.
Mephistopheles will have to find another soul to steal.

And a mysterious comfort puts its arms around you
and holds you close and tells you,
“It’s alright. It’s alright.”
“Sleep tonight. Sleep tonight.”

[Alternate ending: tribute to Paul Williams/”Phantom of the Paradise”:
"All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow...
come together in me now..."]

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