Saturday, April 15, 2017

Making Fun of Pain

 Making Fun of Pain
Here's my new song that communicates the pain of our world today... with a positive message in the end from the Robots...  dedicated to Paul Williams and the Robots of Daft Punk.
Listen here:

Making Fun of Pain

Breathe until you drop dead.
Break the spell that’s in your head.
You’ll see the sparks will fly away
until the Earth is round.
Again, you’ll find the black meets white.

Then you’ll stop making fun of pain.
You’ll find the truth can help you on the way.
The world is so fragile.
Stop causing it pain!

Believe the time has come at last
to break the patterns of the past.
You’ll find the God within heals
and takes the pain away.
Now you can go on to the next life...

    Robots Dance
    Robots Sing
    Robots Rule!

Consciousness will reveal
that we cannot truly feel
the way the Earth can move us to the stars
a-way to find the planet Mars.----

    Robots Dance
    Robots Sing
    Robots Rule
    Robots Love
    Robots Drive
    Robots... Alive!
    Robots DIE!

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