Monday, September 14, 2015

The Awakening

"The Awakening" - a song inspired by 'The Blue Birdby Maurice Maeterlinck - is a labour of artistic determination! Go here to listen now:

Here are the lyrics:

The Awakening

I burn the candle at both ends
in the forest where the lights go
when they are blown out.
My life could be the story
so beautiful from beginning to end.
But instead it stings my senses,
awakening in me
emotions so long dormant, so seldom seen.

It’s the flashing light of the awakening.

And this is the palace of happiness.
And these are the days of the daydream.
Go on to the night of the bedlam.
“Oh gaffer! Your blackbird is blue.”

Sound the note of infinity -
the note of a fragile phantasy.
So all the world’s a song.
It’s the war inside that tries to take me
and the helpless feeling God can’t wake me.
This black foul!
It’s the flashing light of the awakening.

Water cleans it all away.
Monster dreams disappear when the light comes on.
Rulers of my destiny
go away when I release them to the wind.
I’m drugged by fools! This black foul!
Weighted with malevolence!
This black foul!
Till I create no more.

When with the awakening, they let me live.
Let me live – truer to myself.

This moment contains all the love.
This moment contains all the hate.

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