Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baptized Again

I've been busy working on this song for the last 2 months.  I really wanted to go back to my roots and sing about what inspired me to be a songwriter in the first place.  

I hope you enjoy it.  Go to SoundCloud to post ratings and read the lyrics below.

Baptized Again

Born from a bad beginning,
I played the Chicago blues.
When everyone failed me and left me alone,
I’d nothing left to lose.
My radio kept me from losing my mind.
I heard what I understood
to be the first music of its kind
from the Delta and the backwoods.

Baptize me again
each time I slide back down.
I wanna be baptized again -
my lower self I must drown.

Elvis taught me gospel and heart;
his rhythm and soul bled through.
Impassioned holy-rollers pulsed
as songs in my heart, they grew.
In tiny, white-worn chapels
where music raised the dead
rejoiced in jubilees of hope.
The preacher man was led.

The preacher man’s dark cries,
with fire blazing in his eyes,
and the rhythm of tambourines
was moving through my veins.
On the long dirt Blues Highway
I paid my dues this way
I shot emotions through my guitar
and said what I needed to say.

Gospels, hymns and the spirit of song
arms raised to heaven’s gate
borne of pain and sensual tales,
sprang from broken hearts and hate.
Baptize me in my music
to overcome hardships and pain.
Its waters filled with a soul force;
got down in a torrent of rain.

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