Friday, January 25, 2013

Paul Williams: Still Alive

Paul Williams has always been one of my favorite songwriters.  He wrote and starred in The Phantom of the Paradise, a cult film from the '70s that changed my life!  It was surprising to me that a lot of people thought he was dead! 

Quite the contrary!  Paul is very much alive and still performs and writes songs.  There is a documentary playing now on cable called "Still Alive" that tells the story of this talented singer and composer.

"A funny thing happened to Stephen Kessler on his way to completing Paul Williams Still Alive, his affectionate portrait of the diminutive dynamo who loomed improbably large as a pop-culture luminary during the 1970s. After serendipitously tracking down his childhood idol, and starting production on what he clearly intended - initially, at least - as a melancholy ode to a faded star, Kessler wound up forging an unlikely friendship and, in the process, making a richer, deeper and more idiosyncratic documentary." Go here to watch the official trailer.

I actually heard from Paul in November 2005 and he recommended his fans visit his official site.

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