Monday, November 14, 2022

Rise Up Singin'

Rise Up Singin'

1. How long is it gonna take?

Weeks, days, months... to shake

dying to be saved

It is the darkness that I craved.

Could mine be a life He'll save?

to keep me from an early grave.


Rise up singin' - hmm- mm--

Bells are ringin' - whoa-oh-oh-oh - oh-oh-oh   mm--

Souls uplifting, minds are shifting

and the world can't do me no harm------

2. My magic magnifying mind

where the blind leading the blind

I'm confessing now

fall down on my knees, take a vow

in everlasting life, His will

is my destiny to fulfill.



Now I see and hear and feel

I have nothing to conceal

A choir of gospel singers stand

I'm just a singer in his heavenly band--- oh---

of life--- love--- liberty--- oh, free me now!

love--- liberty--- oh, free me now!

love--- liberty------

Sing out for the sinners--

Singin' for the suffering souls--

Sing out for the winners--

Sing the force of rock and roll--

Rejoice! Rejoice!  We have a voice!

A choice to sing it loud---

So the world can't do us no harm--- oooh---

Rise up singin' oh-----  A-men 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Wolf

The Wolf


1. The Delta blues was his badge of shame (in rhythm and power)

A fount of power brought him fame (in rhythm and power)

Singin' to the ears of the world

from the Deep South to Chicago

Field-hollerin pickin' cotton grew (in rhythm and power)

the blues commander they all knew (in rhythm and power)

Hard-driving running from the law

and lonesome times in Arkansas



Hyp-no-tizer -- let it loose!

At the pleasure palaces

Howlin' in the cotton fields

Howlin' Memphis, Tennessee

Howlin' in Chicago, too

Singin' out to be set free


2. Mourning words - straight from his past (in rhythm and power)

sang freedom and the truth at last (in rhythm and power)

Honest, lurching power cries

intensity - the hollerin' rise

His message heard from near and far (in rhythm and power)

He blew his harp, played his guitar (in rhythm and power)

teasing, bending, ragged romp

boogied-down shuffles and the stomp


Hyp-no-tizer -- let it loose! yeah--



Burstin' out the radio

and the record machines

The hoodoo never lose

Paid the devil all his dues

to live and sing the blues [rep]




Can’t you hear him cryin’


Can’t you see him flyin’

Down Highway 49 at night

The Howlin' man was such a sight

a-woo-hoo--- [Can't you hear him cryin'] [rep]

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Graffiti Train


Graffiti Train


1. I want you to love them, I want you to care

I want you to give them hope and save them from despair

[Get on the ghost train now...]

I want you to respect them, I want you to feel their pain

I want you to walk into the pouring rain

Get on the ghost train now-- now-- now---- ooh---

2. Too many starts and stops in the worst part of the town

My life is a lonely hell and I am ghetto bound

[Here comes the lonesome train...]

There is too much poverty in the city all around

Crushing all the life of what was once profound

But now I'm homebound-- home bound-- home bound--- ooh---


He wanted me to ride the old graffiti train

He wanted me to witness and to feel their pain

But nothing'll ever save them if they don't save themselves

No free ride will ever pull them up from a living hell

ooh---  ooh---  ooh---  ooh---

3. Angels perched on high; in rhythm they all cry

to save our souls from judgement day before we die

[And the ghost train's soul...]

I want you to save them from the old train tracks

Box cars shelter from the cold and race attacks

Graffiti train... train.... train a-ride-- 

Train... train... train a-risin'--

Train... train... train alive----

Riding on the broken trains of the dying America


Ride on to another day

Another chance, another way

Outlaw on the train... I am free... Oh, Lord!

To paint my Graffiti train... wooo--wooo-- oooh---

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sun Studio, Memphis, TN


I recently visited Memphis - the main attraction for me - Sun Studio on Sam Phillips Avenue where Sam Phillips made history back in the '50s having discovered so many incredible musicians.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the stories the young man who was the guide told us... I'd felt like I had been there a thousand times in another lifetime.  I loved reading this book about Sam Phillips and with the help of YouTube was able to listen to every side he recorded in the old days - Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll

Friday, August 20, 2021




1. Neon glow is luminescence
            An atmosphere of phosphorescence
Ultraviolet incandescence
            Radiate a mystic presence
Orbiting a coloured essence
            Exciting in its bright fluorescence
Shine on me--- Let it bleed---
and God breathes life into my soul--
makes the connection
2. Illuminate in milliseconds
            Video white lightning beckons
Crystals gradate dark emissions
            Activate the shock positions
In afterglow, the heat transitions
            Wavelengths' new conditions
Ultramarine-- in its magnificence
Lava light-- obsolescence
It shines-- it shines-- it shines---   freely---
3. Strobe lights flicker luminescent
            Radar shifts, it's phosphorescent
Silver streaks incandescent
            Reconnect when ghosts are present
Light dreams alive!
            (Fluorescent) BlackWhiteLight! Yeah!
Shine on me--- Let it bleed---
and God breathes light into my soul--
It shines-- it shines-- it shines---   freely---

Friday, June 4, 2021

Ground Zero Blues


This is the story of a trip I took traveling through the Deep South in 2019.  It was a great time and I really learned to love America.  Here are some pictures... 2,000 miles in 8 days!




From Clarksdale, Mississippi up to Memphis, Tennessee

The Cat Head men and Hambone's Street

In the sweltering heat

Spoken: Trying to find Elvis... headed to Ground Zero


Pulled in Macon town where the Allmans' still around

Their Marshall stacks and great old tracks

Ghosts in bed

Spoken: It's the life they led... headed to Ground Zero


Drove through Alabam' where the real folks live in shacks

On Easy Street, the poor souls say,

'He who makes a garden

Spoken: with God'... going to Ground Zero



I had nothing then-- got nothing now---

But I sang at Muscle Shoals

- living out my dream.

"Through these doors walk the finest in the world..."  Ooh--- yeah


It was a hot Alabama day, on my Mississippi way

And the mission man showed me the plan:

"The Delta's not for the weak

Spoken: ...or some poor sap on a losing streak" Ooh---


The only soul in town, Loretta's still around

Her depot's lonely in an old ghost town

And the track's still there

Spoken: But the train is gone... take me to Ground Zero


Clarksdale's still with me and Nashville, Tennessee

The black man there, he don't care

for no politics

Spoken: - just chops and licks. Ooh---


Now the Deep South's in my soul

The Deep South is forever in my soul----

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Tithe


The Tithe


Numbers can be cruel

The clock ages us too quickly

The pressure's on and time is short

for the poor and sickly

We count our blessings every day

but do we give enough?

What is the cost?



The tithe is generosity

given from within your soul

To some, it's just a one-tenth contribution

from the dole

The tithe, a voluntary gesture's

giving to the needy

- not invited to devour

the banquet of the greedy.--- Ooh--- ooh---

Too much credit, not success

won't settle up the score

We miss the point of living life

and should be giving more

For what goes out, will come back

the Lord, He will provide

What is the cost?


We're humbled, now, must show respect

to the Living Lord

who's taught us grace, to do without

and sacrifice the hoard

And no amount of money

will satisfy the host

What is the cost?

The tithe, a voluntary gesture's

giving to the needy

- not invited to devour

the banquet of the greedy.--- Ooh--- ooh---

Saturday, February 13, 2021

I Am Blue




I came back to James Island,

no hurricane to run from.

Left the New York blizzard chill.

I knew I had to go home

to the warm Charleston sea.

It was my own free will.

On the island, it was empty -

no one to receive me.

And my mother's bed was cold.

So, I wondered through the market,

painted abstracts in my loft, and

I believed what I was told.


They say no man is an island

And the rivers all run freely

And we're all escaping some fate

yet I am blue.


The Carolina sun was hot

and in the darkness, it was not

my dream come true.

Staring out the window

on the highway with the sad palms,

I knew my karma's through.



Where once I was lost, now I'm free---

Where once I was blind, now I can see---

Give us, oh, Lord, your sweet mercy---

I'd rather die than not be free---


And at the stroke of midnight

I finished writing down this song

and it was a soul release.

Sitting in pitch black, I still felt

light on my shoulder

and a total sense of peace.



Sunday, November 29, 2020

Smiles of a Sorrow


Smiles of a Sorrow

No free will, free will is gone

left too deepened underground.

And the will is a ripened fruit

- destiny's pursuit.

In the hands of God we lie.

At the myst'ry's end we'll die.

Time will recognize, time will recognize

the smiles of a sorrow.--

At the last breaths of kharma,

time we cannot borrow.

We awaken lost as the coin is tossed

by the Big Hand in the Wishing Well.---

Where the bottomlessness is our hell,

there are no answers there.

There is no wisdom anywhere.

No! But I can't complain of pleasure or pain.

And the damned play on, knowing will is gone.

Will is gone--- gone--- gone----

Time will recognize the smiles of a sorrow

...of a sorrow.

Listen Here.